Being a Mother in 2120? You Are Overloaded Mindologically!

Being a mother in 2120 is a great time to be alive. There are so many amazing things happening that being a mother in 2021 may just be the most important part of it all. Let’s say you are a stay at home mom in the future and you take care of your children and run your own home business. Well in 2120 you will have to socialize with non-family members because it will be a very different world. It will seem strange not to have any more family members because everyone will simply be your friends.

In this new time period you will be a working mother and you will need to have a degree or at least a M.B.A. and get certified. Your time income will be cut in half because you won’t have a boss to pay you anymore. In order to make ends meet you will have to do two things:

Being a mother in 2021 is going to be an awesome experience for you, but it is going to be really challenging at times. You will feel like you are overwhelmed and there is a shortage mindset within you. It may feel like you are unable to cope with all of the challenges and changes that will occur in your life. You will feel like you are overwhelmed and like no one else matters, but then you will look at the women in your life that have it all together and feel like you don’t fit in at all.

You are the mother, but you don’t have the money to be able to buy all of the material things your children want right now. You feel like you are a failure because you can’t buy all of the things that you need for your children, but if you look at those women who have it all together and feel like they are overwhelmed too, they are doing something right. They are taking advantage of the abundance of money God has provided them. You aren’t a failure because you don’t have enough time to do everything right now. Life is abundant, but you are just experiencing a shortage mindset.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to learn how to let go of the abundance so that you can spend time being connected with the Lord. Being a mother in 2021 isn’t about spending time with your kids or feeding them, it’s about being able to be fully connected with god. If you are overwhelmed by that then you are just like everybody else. You are drowning in the overflow of the world.

You have to get into the mind frame of knowing that you are whole and complete and that your mind is powerful and can do amazing things. When you put the feeling of complete and total peace within your mind then you will begin to have peace in your life. Being a mother in 2021 isn’t about spending more time with your kids, it’s about spending enough time with the Lord to be taught and grow in the way that He wants you to grow and teach.

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