Best Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones in 2022

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Christmas is around the corner, and now is the time to start thinking about what to gift your loved ones this year. Here’s a list of simple yet useful gifts for Christmas 2022.

Daily Planner

Everyone needs a daily planner, whether they realize it or not. It’s one of the simplest yet most useful gifts for anyone this Christmas. You can give it to a friend, your partner, parents, coworkers, and so on. Make sure you pick a sturdy daily planner that’ll last for the entire year.

Handmade cups

Coffee mugs are a common and often clich√© gift. But if you want to elevate a generic coffee mug, go for handmade cups. Every handmade cup is a piece of art and a collectible in itself. Moreover, it’s a useful gift for everyone who loves drinking tea or coffee.

Coffee subscription

Speaking about coffee, have you considered a coffee subscription as a Christmas gift? The concept of coffee subscription is quite new. It’s a good way to surprise a loved one who is a coffee lover. A coffee subscription will also ensure that your loved one never runs out of coffee.

Stainless steel travel mugs

Ditch the plastic and paper mugs and choose a more sustainable option. A stainless steel travel mug is perfect for travelers, commuters, and anyone who loves coffee. Pick a strong and durable coffee mug so that your loved one can use it for years.


Houseplants have become a gifting staple, especially low-maintenance houseplants. Indoor plants add a touch of green to living spaces and elevate the mood. When buying a houseplant for a loved one, make sure you don’t buy anything that’s difficult to maintain. Snake plant, ZZ plant, Spider plant, Kentia Palm, and Chinese evergreen are some of the best picks.

Meditation app subscription

If you know a loved one who’s been under a lot of stress, giving them a meditation app subscription is one of the best ways to express love. Many mediation apps let you provide a subscription to someone else. It’s a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Self-care kit

Self-care kits have been gifting staples for a long time. You can choose a unisex self-care gift or go for specific kits for men and women. Make sure the products in it are natural and organic. You can also customize a self-care kit with curated products.

Scented candles

There isn’t much to say about scented candles. Most of us are already aware of them and how they work. However, many people don’t know that scented candles can help improve mood and boost productivity. When buying scented candles, choose mild fragrances like jasmine and lavender that won’t overwhelm anyone.

Charging stations for smart devices

A compact charging station for smartphones, ear pods, and smartwatches is one of the best gifts for Christmas. As we all know, managing multiple chargers and their cables is a difficult task. A charging station not only makes it easier to charge devices but also adds an aesthetic touch to your living spaces.

Personalized celebrity greetings

Celebrity greetings are a new and fun way of surprising your loved ones this Christmas. There are various platforms and websites that let you request a personalized celebrity greeting. So if you want to give your loved one something memorable, go for personalized celebrity greetings.

Fragrance sample sets

Fragrance samples are an inexpensive way of trying some of the most expensive fragrances. However, not all fragrance sample sets are the same. Make sure you buy a high-quality fragrance set with multiple samples to try.

Digital gift cards

Most of us are already familiar with digital gift cards. You can buy them from your favorite eCommerce stores. Digital gift cards are perfect for times when you are not sure about what to gift your loved ones. However, make sure you buy a flexible digital gift card that won’t force the receiver to buy specific items.

Gym membership

Gym memberships are the perfect gift for fitness freaks. But you can also give them to a loved one who has been struggling with their health. Yearly subscriptions would be the best, but you can also go for monthly or quarterly subscriptions.

Gourmet chocolate

Chocolate is an evergreen gift and it never goes out of vogue. But don’t just buy any chocolate for your loved ones. Instead, pick a selection of gourmet chocolates or a customized chocolate gift set.


So what are you going to give your loved ones this Christmas? Take inspiration from this list and make your loved ones feel special.

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