Keeping Kids Entertained On The Go With YouTube Gaming And iPhones

With schools being closed across the nation, and a pause on playgrounds, it s certainly a challenging time to be a teacher or a parent trying to keep kids entertained. Fortunately, for those of us who aren’t in the child-rearing business, there are many fun things you can do to keep kids entertained even when it comes to quarantine. It just takes some imagination. Here are four ways you can keep your kids, and the big kids at home, interested in physical exercise:

Create a new games every week. You may think that games are boring, but they can be used as a way of keeping kids interested in physical activity. The most popular viral game involves a group of children, all wrapped up in a clear plastic bag. Each person pretends to be sick by removing one of their hands from the bag and shaking it. Once the person has removed his hand from the bag, he is declared free and can play with other children who remain in the quarantine area.

YouTube is another way of keeping kids entertained without leaving the house. There are many YouTube videos about diseases, viruses, and other scary happenings. Many of these videos have great content and are easy to follow. If you want to add music or videos to your quarantine area, you can easily create them using the YouTube mobile app or signing up to use Google’s mobile store. When you do so, you can upload your own creations straight to YouTube so your kids can entertain themselves while staying fit.

Apps designed for in-app purchases are a great way of keeping kids entertained without having to leave home. Most companies today have decided that allowing customers to buy apps that support their business is a good strategy. You can choose from a wide range of games designed for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices. With in-app purchases, parents can also choose which games their kids should be playing and you can even set up timers to remind you when your child has enough play time.

Games with screen time integration allow you to take turns with your kids as you play a game together. This is great for taking turns and keeping kids entertained. It is a great way to encourage family members to interact as well. As you play games with your kids, they can try to win prizes, earn stars, and access special features that the more skilled they become.

Keeping kids entertained is easier than you think. With so many entertaining options available, parents shouldn’t have a problem finding something to keep them busy, healthy, and happy. Whether you use an in-app purchase for certain games or make your own with YouTube or other apps, you can use these different options to help keep your family healthy while having fun.

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