Night and Low Light Photography Tips That Will Help You Get Amazing Photos this Halloween

This year for Halloween, as you celebrate make sure you get great photos of the celebration. Halloween is all about a spooky experience. Most of the action happens in low light and at night. Shooting in low light is not so easy.

If you were concerned about how to get the most amazing Halloween photos in low light, go through our guide. We have some practical tips that will help you get the best photos for Halloween.

Tips for Night and Low Light Photography

1) Decrease the Shutter Speeds

When you allow for a longer exposure, you will be able to allow more light. But if you want clarity in your photograph, you need a slow shutter speed. Lower the shutter speed and use no flash. It is very important that you don’t shake the camera. This tip will help you get the best photo in low light.

2) Avoid Shaking the Camera

A common problem is the camera shake. Even if you have a steady hand, there are chances of a slight shaking of the camera. That is enough to cause a blur in the photo. When you are shooting at night or in low light, the slightest blur can mar your photo. The best way to avoid a camera shake is to use a camera and a remote release. Use the image stabilization options in your camera to make this possible.

3) Use a narrow aperture

A very handy tip for taking great Halloween photos is to use a narrow aperture. Around f/18 is what you need. It offers you a deep depth of field. This will help you get a clear background and foreground. Another advantage of narrow apertures is that they bring in a sparkle effect to lights. This is apt considering the Halloween occasion.

4) Don’t correct the light

When you take photos in low light for Halloween, don’t correct the light. This will help you capture the eerie effects of Halloween in the best way. For Halloween, you don’t want to take conventional photos. In fact, you should look for unconventional images and this option will help you. Set the white balance to daylight for this.

5) Avoid flash

Some photographers love to use a flashlight on all occasions. Flash is not a good option for taking Halloween photos. It will make your picture appear washed out. It does not add anything special to the photo. Turning on the flash will not allow you to get the glow at sunset and the shadows that make the occasion special.

6) Don’t miss the spookiness

Halloween is all about spookiness. There are glow sticks, jack-o-lanterns, black lights, a full moon, and kids in costumes. You must capture them all in your photos. You will get this kind of chance only once a year. So, make sure you plan your photos well. It is an opportunity to get the best eerie photos, don’t miss out on it.

7) Use Faster Lenses

A fast lens is a great option to shoot photos in low light and at night. When you get a fast lens, you will get the benefit of a wide aperture. This will allow the camera to get in more light. It also ensures a fast shutter speed, so the images are sharp. This is a great way to ensure there is no blurring in the photos.

8) ISO Settings can be increased

Adjust the ISO settings on your camera, so you allow more light to reach the sensor of the camera. Setting the ISO to 400 or 800 is a good idea. This is the perfect setting when you want to shoot in low light. A high ISO setting can make the photo a bit grainy. But that is not a problem considering the occasion. You can try and fix this during editing.

9) Use different light sources

Low-light photography does not mean you don’t use any light source. Avoid a flash, but try to use other light sources. Ensure the subject of your photo is near a light source. The light must not be behind the subject. If you want to capture a silhouette, then the position behind the subject is fine. Using a flashlight is a good option when focused on the face. It makes people look scary, which is what you want in the photo.

10) Shoot in Black and White or RAW

Black and white photos are great for Halloween. So, do take a few B&W pics. Also, take photos in RAW rather than JPEG. This will allow you to get better-quality images that are easy to edit later.

Images via Dreamstime Stock Photos

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